Total Physiotherapy strives to achieve just that, a Total Physiotherapy service that not only identifies and settles your injury - we take pride in helping you make a timely and successful return to what is important to you. Our welcoming and supportive Physio clinic is located at Clovelly Road Coogee, on the border of Coogee, Clovelly and Randwick in the relaxed and friendly Clovelly Village. Established by APA Physiotherapist Stuart McKay, a local Eastern Suburbs boy who has been working in the local area since completing his Physiotherapy and Health & Exercise Science degrees. As a result Total Physiotherapy has a very good relationship with other Medical, Allied Health and Fitness professionals in the Eastern Suburbs. This background and his personal experiences competing at high levels of sport has helped shape Total Physiotherapy’s treatment approach.

Whether it’s Physiotherapy for a Sports or Musculoskeletal injury; back or neck pain; Orthopaedic Surgery rehabilitation; pregnancy-related or early parenthood aches and pains; the effects of Osteoarthritis; or you may wish to increase your current exercise or improve performance, Total Physiotherapy would like to work with you to achieve your goals. We offer accessible hours of operation and convenient location, a well-equipped clinic and we make the effort to communicate and work with anyone else who may be involved in your condition. With everyone working together you will achieve a better outcome.

Total Physiotherapy in 3 words:





Total Physiotherapy Provides a comprehensive Physiotherapy service to assist in your recovery from injury and help you achieve your goals. 


Our friendly and caring team are here to make your Physiotherapy experience as positive as possible. Get to know them a little better.....


Rehabilitation Products

Total Physiotherapy stocks a wide range of rehab products - from boots and braces to self-management tools. If you are after a particular item not currently on hand we can usually arrange to have it delivered within 48 hours. Some of the rehab products we have include:

  • Aircast Walking Boots (moon-boots/CAM walkers)

  • Ankle stirrups and stability braces

  • Knee range of motion, hinged knee and patella tracking braces

  • Patella tendon off-loading brace

  • Wrist braces

  • Tennis elbow brace

  • Arm slings

  • Sports tapes

  • Heat and Ice Packs

  • Foam rollers and massage balls

  • A range of resistance bands

  • Natural Anti-Inflammatory creams



Appointments Available 7am - 7pm Monday to Friday
8am - 12pm Saturday
We will be providing medical coverage at sports events on the following Saturday's and as a result the clinic will be closed. Apologies for the inconvenience.
Saturday 20th and 25th of May and the 22nd and 29th of July. 

Total Physiotherapy - on the border of Coogee, Clovelly and Randwick
228c Clovelly Road Coogee NSW 2034